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This is a project.

We work together for two years.

We are experts from different countries in Europe.
We want to improve work opportunities for people with disabilities.
We are analysing the situation.

What opportunities do people with disabilities have to find work?

What can be improved? How can they find a job?
We create videos about people with disabilities.
Companies should learn how to recruit and employ people with disabilities.


We are referring to an agreement that almost all countries have adopted.

They say that people with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else.

They should be able to participate everywhere in the same way.


Here are the most important points:


International agreement on the rights of disabled people


Article 27: Work and employment


People with disabilities -

  • have a right to work, equal with others.
  • have equal job rights and rules and pay.
  • have a right to join a union the same as everyone else.
  • can go on work programmes and work training and try out work
  • find and keep jobs as well as get better jobs.
  • should set up their own businesses
  • have suitable places to work and can get back to work
  • are not forced to do unpaid work.


Strategic Partnership Adult Education

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