Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD),  Article 27 – Work and employment

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This project is based on the requirements of the UN Convention. The aim is to give people with disabilities equal access to the world of work. Article 27 describes the labour market policy objectives of the Convention:

Main objectives:

  • Right of persons with disabilities to work, on an equal basis with others;
  • Right to the opportunity to gain a living by work freely chosen or accepted in a labour market
  • Work environment that is open, inclusive and accessible
  •  Including for those who acquire a disability during the course of employment

Actions for people with disabilities:

a) Prohibit discrimination with regard to all matters concerning all forms of employment, including conditions of recruitment, hiring and employment


b) Protect the rights of persons with disabilities, on an equal basis with others, including equal opportunities and equal remuneration for work of equal value, safe and healthy working conditions, including protection from harassment, and the redress of grievances;


c) Exercise labour and trade union rights on an equal basis with others;


d) Effective access to general technical and vocational guidance programmes, placement services and vocational and continuing training;


e) Employment opportunities and career advancement  in the labour market, as well as assistance in finding, obtaining, maintaining and returning to employment;


f) Opportunities for self-employment, entrepreneurship


g) Employ persons with disabilities in the public sector;

h) Employment in the private sector through appropriate policies and measures, which may include affirmative action programmes, incentives and other measures;


i) Reasonable accommodation is provided to persons with disabilities in the workplace;


j) Acquisition by persons with disabilities of work experience in the open labour market;


k) Vocational and professional rehabilitation, job retention and return-to-work programmes for persons with disabilities.


2. States Parties shall ensure that persons with disabilities are not held in slavery or in servitude, and are protected, on an equal basis with others, from forced or compulsory labour.

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